Currently tracking around 145 unofficial and offical Disney podcasts!
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How to use this site

Listen Online
View the whole directory or the shows from the Disney Podcast Network and select a feed in the left pane. The items in that feed will be displayed in the top right pane, where you can select a specific item. The item's show notes will be displayed in the bottom right, and if it is a MP3 file for the show you can play it right from that pane. For other files you can click the link given and download or open in a player that handles that file.

Subscribe to a podcast
If you go to the Quick Subscription List or the DPN Quick Subscription List you will se a simple list of the podcasts listed here. For each podcast there will be several icons, the first one is the link to the RSS for the podcast. If you click that icon and on the page that opens select the URL in the address bar. Once you have that copied you can paste it into your podcast aggregator software. This is a little different for each application available, but for iTunes you go to "Advanced" and then "Subscribe to Podcast..." Of course if you are using iTunes then the second icon will automatically open iTunes and subscribe to that podcast. The third icon is to add the podcast to your Odeo account if you have one.

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